About MVP Services

In June of 2007, Joe and Dana Takacs formed TheMVPService, LLC, a company dedicated to establishing a broad scale commissions based timeshare secondary market without the ridiculous pressure offered in so many places. Today, MVP is proud to be associated with timeshare associations representing over 1,100 units; currently with an onsite focus in FL and NC.

The timeshare secondary market in general today is scattered, inconsistent and broken. Many existing owners are getting regular calls from companies that simply do not tell them the truth; and often take advantage of our seasoned Americans with promises of resale dollars or simply to get rid of the week (that never happens). At MVP; we never tolerate any sales program that isn’t the truth. Timeshare is a great product that doesn’t need to be oversold or exaggerated. It can and should be sold right. That is why we started MVP in 2007.

You don’t have to do business with MVP. But if you do, we will promise integrity from the top; built on Christian principles where we treat you like you should be treated. We aren’t perfect by any means. But, every day we strive to be honest and honor the God in which we believe.
– Someone is going to talk to your owners. Let it be MVP.
– We listen.
– We will never tolerate a dishonest approach.
– We will ask people to buy, but with integrity and sincerity.
– People deserve to be treated with respect.
– We demand it from ourselves and our people.

TheMvpservice Corporate number – CQ1030514


The team

Joseph Takacs

Joseph has been in the tourism and hospitality business for over 40 years. His background includes the management of hotels and resorts, golf courses, restaurants, timeshare and condominiums. He has extensive background in the start-up and continued long term success of resort management, rental and sales.

Dana Takacs
Dana Takacs
VP and Owner

At the beginning of MVP, Dana continued a pursuit of her music background; theatre production, singing and conducting. Joseph took the lead at MVP. In 2010, Dana began to get more involved and today is an integral part of the company from both a high level and daily involvement where she controls inventory.Dana is licensed in FL and holds a Masters degree in choral conducting.

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Sydni Takacs
Manager of Customer Service and Social Media


1500 Town Plaza Court
Winter Springs, FL 32708

This weeks FEATURED Lehigh Acres for sale

Unit 803 Week 26 (July 4) REDUCED to $3,495

1 Bedroom – 40,500 RCI Platinum Points

Unit 1008 Week 27 $4,995 (July 4)

2 Bedroom – 66,000 RCI Platinum Points

Unit 1004 Week 27 $3,495 (July 4)

1 Bedroom – 38,500 RCI Platinum Points

Unit 344 Week 31 $1,495

Studio Unit – Lehigh at a great price

Unit 1014 Week 36 A STEAL at $2,995 (Labor Day)

2 Bedroom Loft

Other great weeks and units available. CALL ME TODAY

Joseph Takacs – Licensed FL Broker #3206299


Direct 407 366-1573

Cell 407 257-6812