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So what’s wrong with timeshare anyway?


The short answer is NOTHING and EVERYTHING.

I have been in this business since 1983 and have talked personally with literally thousands of families that have enjoyed timeshare all over the United States and the World. One of those families is mine. When my wife Dana and I married in 1986; our goal was to get ahead; work, work, work. And I neglected ‘forcing’ ourselves and our family to take a break, vacation. I don’t actually remember when that changed but it did. And I am so happy that it did. Our gang (4 children) still talks about times together years ago. Of course it wasn’t all perfect; but we were together and enjoying what really matters; each other. That is what timeshare is and why nothing is wrong with it – it simply works.

Yet, the process of getting in, getting out and making sure what each family has works the best for them is to at least some extent broken. Like any industry there are people who simply don’t have others best interests at heart. Timeshare has its share of misleading and misguided individuals and companies that tarnish an otherwise great idea.

I wish there were a way to talk to each and every timeshare owner that needed help. I wish there were a way that I could do that myself. Of course that isn’t possible. But what s possible is making sure the commitment exists with every employee at MVP to be honest, have incredible integrity and when we do err (which we will) – make it right as best we can.

There are things wrong with timeshare but there are more things right. At MVP we are committed to serving those that we are privileged to work alongside and those whose business we earn. Dana and I live to serve God and somehow want to find a way to do business in a manner worthy of that calling. As Joshua said “as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” (24:15). As for me and my MVP, we will serve our customers, our partners and our employees.

I love this business. Everyone deserves a break, a vacation and timeshare is an outstanding way to make that happen. For everyone? Probably not. But it works and it works well. As I said above, I wish I could talk to everyone and share with them what we’ve learned. Vacations are wonderful no matter where or when. Just GO.

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